Woman thrown off a bench by a garbage truck

Cat pushing object off a table

Throwing out the trash

This is fine

Pouring gasoline into fire

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

Indiana Jones

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock (extreme)

Scooby Doo - Let's see who is under the mask

Great Gasby: Cheers!

Bubble vs. jellyfish

Invincible fighter

Not cool bro!

Jealous Husky

Trump hugging the flag

Czech minister Hamacek not impressed by billboard

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Oh No You Don't

We Bear Bears doctor knee knocking

Homer: The end is near

The slap: Noah, give it back!

Bilbo: I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve

Racoon stealing cat food

Sheep jumps back into a ditch

Kick fail

Jurrasic Park - Pile of shit

Guy carrying wheelbarrow

Kung fu nuts

Dictator race

Parrot opens a box with a cat inside

Airplane!: Panic attack

Pulp fiction: A miracle

Muscle guy kisses aggressor's forehead

Bearded man blowing a kiss

Area 51: Naruto run

Elephant helping to score

Escalator slide fail

Jack Sparrow chased by natives

Futurama: Bender's blackjack and hookers

Boston dynamics - Do you love me?

Meta: Zuckerberg choosing costume

Family guy - At least it's not raining

Truck (never) hitting a bollard

Steve Balmer - Developers!

Wrestling with dummies

Inglourious Basterds - Hans Landa laughing

Gru's evil plan

Bart hits Homer with a chair

Puddle jump

Rick and Morty: What's my purpose?

Mr. Bean's car destroyed by a tank

Monty Python - Dark knight

Roy Purdy: Left or right?

Quantum Leap - I'm retarded?

Kid denied blowing brother's cake

Obama - mic drop

Vince McMahon smelling money

Kid running over its brother

Guy jumping into frozen pool

Mr. Bean - lighbulb

Dog stops working

Coffin dance


Lazy security guard

Start Wars - Grievous light sabers

Wolf of Wallstreet: Humming

Kitchen fire

Dog jumps over water

Distracted Conan

Woman yelling at a cat