Cat pushing object off a table

Indiana Jones

Scooby Doo - Let's see who is under the mask

Bubble vs. jellyfish

Invincible fighter

Not cool bro!

Trump hugging the flag

Czech minister Hamacek not impressed by billboard

Racoon stealing cat food

Sheep jumps back into a ditch

Kick fail

Jurrasic Park - Pile of shit

Guy carrying wheelbarrow

Dictator race

Parrot opens a box with a cat inside

Elephant helping to score

Escalator slide fail

Jack Sparrow chased by natives

Boston dynamics - Do you love me?

Family guy - At least it's not raining

Steve Balmer - Developers!

Wrestling with dummies

Inglourious Basterds - Hans Landa laughing

Gru's evil plan

Bart hits Homer with a chair

Rick and Morty: What's my purpose?

Mr. Bean's car destroyed by a tank

Monty Python - Dark knight

Roy Purdy: Left or right?

Quantum Leap - I'm retarded?

Kid denied blowing brother's cake

Kid running over its brother

Guy jumping into frozen pool

Mr. Bean - lighbulb

Coffin dance

Lazy security guard

Start Wars - Grievous light sabers

Distracted Conan