How to create GIF memes

Memes from template

The easier way to create a gif meme is to use a template:

  • Select an template from the list
  • Change texts by clicking on them either directly, or by selecting the edits from timeline
  • Export GIF

Creating gif memes from scratch

Step 1: Find the gif

The first thing you want to do is to find the gif you want to meme-fy. Right-click on the gif and copy its URL:

Upload the gif (or a video) into the editor

Paste the URL and click UPLOAD. Note that some website forbid direct loading of gifs. In that case, download the file and upload it from your computer using the CHOOSE FILE button.

Add edits to your animation

Add texts and images. Edits can be rotated, resized, animated, motion tracked and adjusted in various other ways.

Export your meme!

Simply click the export button. GIF should be created and modern browser should also generate a video.

Share it with the world!

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